Saturday, October 24, 2009

To All Anti-Rafa Fans

Granted that all LFC fans want us to succeed but to agree along with what the media have been calling for non-stop now would be ridiculous. They want Rafa's head to roll. And this after what Rafa has achieved even with so many obstacles (need they be mentioned again and again?) in front of him. 

Here's something from the official site:

Jimmy Rice 23 October 2009
  Rafa Benitez will take charge of his 200th league game for Liverpool on Sunday - and we've unearthed some fascinating statistics comparing the Spaniard's record to rival managers.
Benitez has won 113 of his 199 top-flight clashes since taking charge of Liverpool in 2004 - an impressive 56.8 per cent.
This compares favourably to the records of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger in their first 200 league games.
Ferguson won just 87 from 200 (43.5 per cent) after joining Manchester United in 1986 - and it took the Scot almost seven years to collect a league title.
Wenger triumphed in 110 (55 per cent) of his first 200 league matches following his appointment at Highbury in 1996 - a stat which was good enough at the time to win him a championship trophy in 1997-98.
Meanwhile, just one Liverpool manager from down the years can boast a better record than Benitez.
Kenny Dalglish won 120 of his first 200 (60 per cent) league games.
Bob Paisley totted up 113 victories (56.5 per cent), Bill Shankly 106 (53 per cent) and Gerard Houllier 101 (50.5 per cent).

Go figure! 

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