Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Off With Rafa's Head They Say!

Looks like if some Liverpool fans are given the powers, they will sack Rafa Benitez immediately. The reason? Because we are not at the top of the table at the moment, we have not won all the games we have played so far this season, and we have not won our games by a 5 goals margin, all scored from 20 yards I suppose. And it is only October, mind you.

These 'supporters' want quick fix. They think that everything will be okay and the above will materialise after the managerial post is taken over by Dalglish or Klinsmann or Mourinho. They fail to see the obvious beyond their one-tunnel view, and would rather follow the bandwagon that is the filthy media and their lazy journalism.  Some fans in Liverpool kept mentioning to us about these post-Istanbul supporters, who by the way are not appreciated at all by the true Scousers. Some even suggests that LFC should be relegated for one season (Horrors!) so that these so-called supporters would go and support some other team.

There is so much information on the internet, it is a surprise that some people still believe the lies that are being told in the media. Or by the two donkeys. As for Rafa's achievement, it is there to see by everyone who wants to see it. Take this argument for instance. It is by Gerry at www.thisisanfield.com:

"Firstly, I think we can all agree that Rafa inherited a pretty poor squad when he took the job. At the beginning of this season only Carra and Gerrard remain from that original squad, so for those of you watching in black and white, that means that with the exception of those two players an entire first team squad has been rebuilt in the 5 years he has been here. 

Now what you need to do is consider the list of players he has brought in, in his time here and take away all of the free, cut price and compromise signings he has been forced to make and just focus on the first choice signings he has been able to make. When you have that number divide it by the five seasons he’s been with us and when you get your answer ask yourself these three questions:

1. What other top manager could achieve what Rafa Benitez has achieved with such limited resources?
2. What other top manager would be bothered?
3. How in the name of Shanks, has he been able to keep us firmly in the top four, been able to mount even a remote challenge for the title and how could we possibly be the current number one ranked side in Europe?

Nuff said!"

Enough Said indeed!

Keep the Faith and YNWA

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