Sunday, October 18, 2009

Result: Rubber Ball 1 - Liverpool 0

It has been a while since I last posted due to being heavily burdened by workload. Since that last post, we lost to Fiorentina in the CL and Chelsea, and just now to Sunderland, in the Premier League. Although I did find time to follow the news and the whatabouts on my mobile.

It is a very trying period for supporters of LFC. Expectation was so high after such a good performance last season, but unfortunately things have not gone our way so far. Imagine being beaten by a beachball, for freakin sake!

Sunderland scored via the deflection of the rubberball but according to the commentators (who kept saying it was a balloon -- both needs new glasses -- until it really pissed me off) the rulebook says it is the prerogative of the players i.e. the keeper in this case to burst the balloons thrown into the pitch. Well, I don't see how players on the pitch could burst a beachball, and also in this game, the ball was thrown into the six yard from the stands minutes before (by a Liverpool fan apparently) and no way Reina would have wanted to shift his eyes from the football.

Anyway, what's done is done. We played terribly in the first half without Torres and Gerrard and improved tenfolds in the second but couldn't break through the three buses parked in front of their goal. Buses that suddenly transformed into F1 cars during counter-attacks that nearly scored 4-5 goals for them.

It is quite sad to see how things are going for us. From the media that tries to shove the carrots into our backside at every chance they get, to the managers of national sides such as Spain and England who insist on taking our players to meaningless games and get the players injured, to former players and brothers of the players of the Mancs giving the game to the Mancs, to the freakin cowboys called the owners of LFC who are the owners of the carrots that the media keep shoving up our arses... and the list goes on and on...

Two meaningful things stood out for me in this game. One was our outnumbered supporters singing YNWA eventhough they were booed like hell. And the second was the 7 minutes injury time awarded for the game. I cannot recall when we were given that much injury time whilst we were losing.

Chin up! We are Liverpool Supporters and We Will Never Walk Alone!

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