Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YES! LFC Fans Still Celebrating

This is the famous burst and flattened beachball look. Priceless!

I am still celebrating even though I know it was only a battle we won and not the war. But still, how often have we felt this euphoria in the last, say, 20 years? Not so many times. Anyways, I bet many of us fans have had friends or collegues gone missing the past two days. Well, who asked them to support the Mancs in the first place haha!

Some of the media and pundits have not stopped slagging and slanting Rafa. I guess their punditry and journalism skills are sadly very much limited. That's the price you pay for not having enough imagination.

While we talk about how Pepe was incredibly the first player to reach N'Gog after his goal and the messages on beachballs thrown by our fans on the pitch saying Yanks Out and supporting Rafa, the so-called sorry-excuse-for- pundits have no other ideas for their rantings while deep down inside feeling exactly like Fergiescum as shown above, who keeps on with his senile mumbling attacks on the Ref hoping that we overlook the fact that his days are numbered and his failure to outwit Rafa for the last three games.



beemer said...

this stupid scums still thinks rafa will fall for his ranting trap like last season .. poor senile old devils ...

Anonymous said...

Great feeling! The celebration goes on...... Heard Martinez' comment: Fergie and gang bullying Rafa - guess who on board licking Fergie's ball - Steve Bruce and Sam All Dies! Before the match every newspaper predicted Scums away win and now those media buggers are spinning stories to save face. Let's carry on celebrating as we had just won our bragging rights. By the can someone recommend to Fergie that there is book sold in many bookstores worldwide - "Formula to Beat Liverpool". The scums may need it desperately.