Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Rally Behind Our Team

I feel the game against the Mancs is timely. What better way to show to the fans our resilience if not by winning this much-anticipated game. This is the sort of games when form is thrown out of the window.

What I would like to see today is a game in which all our players give their all and play themselves to the ground. I am sure Rafa has a game plan and the players are expected to deliver it to the minute detail. And I don't think the players need any kind of motivation other than the fact we are playing the Mancs.

How they play will indicate how much support they give to the Gaffer and the fans. And I also hope that the fans get behind the team all throughout the game. Even if we did not get the result we all hoped for, at least we would know that the players have tried their best and that will be something positive amongst so much negatives associated with LFC at the moment.

The fans in Liverpool have planned a march to show their protest against the owners. For those members of the anti-Rafa Brigade, I hope you start wondering why there is never an anti-Rafa march or protest. At least at this moment, because I am sure if ever it were Rafa's fault for our so-called slum, the fans in Liverpool will be the first to show their feelings.

Anyway, I have a good feeling for tonight's game. And hopefully the Ref's influence in the outcome of the game will not be needed.


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