Sunday, March 1, 2009

0-2 M'borough

So the Number One club in Europe lost to a team fighting the relegation battle in the EPL. Such is the football in one of the toughest leagues in the world.

There is nothing positive to say about the match. For those who still had faith in Liverpool winning the league title, this result is a shattering blow to that aspiration. We were again hit by the unfortunate own goal and Alonso had to be the victim this time around. As for our frontmen, it was the same situation as in the past months. Opportunities created but none taken. 

Looks like to truly win the league title, a team would need to have at least 6-7 players that cost 20+ million each. While some other teams could boast a bench of expensive players, LFC sadly does not have that luxury. Even when we had a few players of that calibre, such as Crouch and Keane, they would sulk and complain about being on the bench.

It is incredible to think that once we so comfortably sat on top of the league and by next week, we could be 10 points behind the leader. I guess many fans are already looking ahead to next season. And have resigned to the fact that CL is the only one competition that could salvage us something this season.


kajang-today said...

Losmah has sung many weeks ago!

Khan said...

and looks like the curtains have fallen too...