Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great News

Some very good news since we whacked the daylights out of the scums at their grounds. Rafa Benitez at last signed a new contract that will make him one of the longest managers of LFC, if he stays until the end.

The american owners (when are they going to sell??) have just increased the value of LFC. A stable LFC is worth a lot more money so at least one of them who sells eventually will make tonnes of money. Hopefully before the start of next season we get to see some Arab owners ,who are really wealthy, show up and start injecting the much needed funds.

Another good news was Gerrard's assault charge being dropped, although there is still the affray charge that he has to answer to. Hopefully he would be able to concentrate on football and not get distracted by it if the case goes to the Crown Court. His partnership with Torres is so so much needed at the moment.

Another good news today was the game I watched. I do not usually watch the scums play, but today I flipped through the three channels to watch the BPL games and the Bundesliga. The scums were beaten 2-0 by Fulham. One of the goals was scored by Danny Murphy. He must be on cloud nine at the moment. To top it up, two scums were red carded. So Scholes and the Shrek (yes, Rooney) will miss games after this.

I really really enjoyed the games which I started to watch seriously when Fulham was one up. It was enjoyable right until the end. I just had to laugh listening to the commentators, who I felt were about to cry when the scums were losing. On the same note, Chelsea is trailing 1-0 to Tottenham at the moment.

Of course I am not letting the above results get to my head. The scums would need to lose more games after this, and for us not to lose any, for us to overtake them at the top. If we win against Villa tomorrow, the scums will still be one point above us with a game in hand. You do the maths. One more loss and one draw at least. And we don't lose any. Still a mountain to climb but who knows..after all it IS football. Strangers things have happened before.

I am just enjoying the moments. And nothing beats watching the scums get beaten while Fergie's mouth open and close non-stop like a guppy out of water! And the rest of the scums run aimlessly like headless chickens on the pitch. We really did it to them last week! Haha!

You'll Never Walk Alone!

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utusanLFC said...

Tonight will be another glory night. The distance between us and Manure will be cut to a point only. Yeahuuu....