Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aggregate: 5-0

Winning 1-0 at the Bernabaeu two weeks ago was fantastic, especially when not many English teams have achieved that. But to win 4-0 against Real Madrid at Anfield is simply awesome!

I guess Real did not really know what hit them just now. It was good that they did not come to Anfield with the intention to park the bus in front of goal and play the counter attack for that one important away goal. Real came and played a very positive game, as we did, but that was really their downfall. In a very open game, it was also a night when clean football triumphed when players did not fall like matchsticks at every contact made.

In the first half, Real Madrid's defense were in tatters and Pepe has himself to blame when he put unneeded pressure on himself with his warrior-like talk before the tie. He must have been loco to fire up Torres like that. And it was indeed a sight for sore eyes when Torres scored the first goal. Surely a big relief for him to have done that given his past encounters with Real.

Our captain had a fantastic game too of course. After Gerrard's penalty, which to me was a bit harsh but that's football, Real Madrid began to attack more and more and this fell nicely into Liverpool's hands. 

All the Liverpool players had a very good game, except for Kuyt. He might have screwed his Liverpool career since he revealed Rafa's 'instruction' to him to not sign a new contract until Rafa's own contract issue was not settled. Hell, I would not want to be his friend too if he is to go around and tell the world of our 'intimate' moments! 

Unlike Babel, whose game just now was stupendous with his movements and passes, Kuyt to me had a nightmare of a game. His final passes especially were almost all screwed up, just like his recent revelation. 

After the third goal, Gerrard's superb finishing from an equally superb pass from Babel from the left side, Real Madrid knew the game was over. With the imminent changes made by Rafa in view of cruncher next week against manure, we got to see many more chances to score. Spearing, who replaced Gerrard, displayed a glimpse of brilliance too. And to put icing on the cake, Dossenna scored his first goal for Liverpool before the final whistle.

The only concern after this game is Mascherano's ineligibility in the next CL game after collecting a yellow card. As expected, he had a marvellous game. Maradona is spot on when he decided Mascherano as the captain for his national side, not to mention the statement he made of 'mascherano and 10 other players' for his team list. 

On the same note, it was not very nice to watch how our game suffered after Alonso was substituted and Lucas came in his place. 

This result will go down in history as one of the best CL results ever. And I don't think Bayern Munich's emphatic 7-1 win (aggregate 12-1) against Sporting Lisbon is going to deny Liverpool the limelight it deserves this week.

It is bragging time, folks!


kajang-today said...

bro, aku setuju sangat pasal komen u about Kuyt and Lucas and I've been consistent about my comments about these 2. They lack footballing brains and should not be in Liverpool squad if I have my own way.
Anyway, it was a good game to watch!

Khan said...

Playing badly is one thing but to put manager in a bad light sounds rotten. Maybe it was an honest mistake..Or maybe the manager is behind the whole thing - message to owners that the players are behind the manager.
But Torres' remarked last week that with or without Rafa, he wants to stay at LFC.

Let's wait and see what happens at the end of the season.