Friday, February 27, 2009

We Are Number One!

Two exciting news today. Parry is going to leave at the end of the season and Liverpool is officially the Number One ranked club in Europe.

Rick Parry has always been accused of being one of the culprits in the poor performance of LFC in the last twelve years. If that were the case, then good riddance that he is getting the boot. Those who have been after his skin will therefore celebrate this news. And I bet there will be plenty of that starting today. Let's hope whoever that is replacing him will come with better ideas, especially bringing LFC to the Malaysian shores. 

Now, the important news of the day would definitely be the fact that we are ranked Number One in Europe. Apparently the win in Bernabeu was the key to this achievement, Real Madrid being a quality side. And the last time we were at this spot was in 1985! Clearly due to Rafa's presence and our consistency in the CL for the past 5 years. Not only has he been very astute business wise, but also he has ensured continued income from the CL. And this accolade comes automatically I guess. Hail Rafa!

UEFA's latest rankings: 1 Liverpool FC (114.077), 2 Chelsea FC (110.077), 3 Barcelona (109.403), 4 AC Milan (109.306), 5 Arsenal (101.077), 6 Sevilla (100.403), 7 Man Utd (99.077), 8 Bayern Munich (93.664), 9 Lyon (90.576), 10 Inter Milan (87.306).

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Anonymous said...

Ha..ha..ha.. LIVERPOOL IS ALWAYS NO.1 IN MY HEART! Look Manu is at NO.7.. Alex will be snorting furiously. Rick Parry booted at last.. that's what I wanetd to see the last 12 years. Hope for another bonus.. pack off the Yanks! They are our only thorn in the flesh at the moment! LONG LIVE KING RAFA! Win lose or draw Liverpool will remain the best!

Khan said...

True bro!! May a thousand flies...haha!