Saturday, March 14, 2009


Astro Bill for the next six months: RM633.00.

Transfer fee for Torres: ₤26 million.

Watching Alex Ferguson's mouth open and close like a guppy out of water while manure is being thrashed by Liverpool: PRICELESS!

We beat the scums 4-1. At Old Trafford too. This week has been a tremendous week for us in which we scored 8 goals and conceded only one, and that too through a penalty, while beating supposedly two of the world's top teams.

To tell the truth, I don't really care for the league title now. I am not going to rue all the drawn games before this one. If we go and win it, then it is a bonus. Nothing beats the sensational feelings of utmost euphoria of beating the scums. As I told a friend, not even a wanking could top this, sorry.

Watching the scums shocked to a point of disbelief during the game was sweet. Listening to the manure crowd silenced by an awesome display of football by Liverpool was double sweet. I even enjoyed the commentators being taken to a sudden speechlessness.

We are, deservedly, going to enjoy this for a very long time now. And I am pretty sure we will never walk alone with this one! 


Anonymous said...

Speechless! I can't believe it. Yahoooooo we thrashed them! Look at Rooney.. ha..ha.. ha.. and Gerrard kissed the badge and the camera to mock Rooney.. that one was sweeter.. Have you ever heard any Liverpool player claim that they HATE Manu.. never because pool is always professional.. Who want the fake fixed EPL anyway? Ask the scums to keep it to.. Pool is the best team in the world.. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.. Dei macha donno what else to say la.. I'm just going crazy.. Yahoooooo Yabba dabba dooo... Iba Iba andre andre... Selva says POOL is the BEST!

Khan said...

Haha! Selva, your response is priceless too!!

I have been waiting for this moment for years la macha..

utusanLFC said...

I have a montecristo for us to celebrate, soon!

iyabeda beduuuu