Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yet Another Fiasco

We read today, yet again, how Rafa Benitez is hardheaded in refusing to sign a new 16M contract. We are told that Rafa's refusal is because he disagrees to certain terms in the contract that doesn't allow him total control of players transfers.

I don't know whether to believe these journalists or not in their assessment of the situation. On one hand, I believe that the manager should be in full control of players coming in and going out of the team. After all, the manager is always measured with his success as his yardstick. It is his head that will roll at the end of the day if the teams fails. Hence, Rafa's demands if it were true, is justified.

On the other hand, knowing how the majority of the journalists hate Liverpool's guts and would love to see us fail, I want to believe that this is another attempt to further destablise LFC. With so many important league games and CL games around the corner, these stories is going to hurt us even more.

Rafa's latest comments towards the so-called expert pundits, ex-players or otherwise, was another gem. We all know how many of them should go to coaching school and learn the basic to really understand what really goes on behind the scene.

Playing a tired Torres in the last 15 minutes so that he would be against an equally tired defense (rather than starting him when he would have been against fresh defense), in which he scores, was a masterstroke. And it was Rafa's decision by the way. And all the expert pundits and journalists who condemned Rafa throughtout the game, before Torres winning goals ensured another 3 points for us, should all start commenting on the game of congkak!

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