Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blame Rafa

Whatever happens at the end of this season, this game will be remembered by all fans throughout the world. And just like in so many other games earlier in the season, the players showed tremendous intent and workrate in this game against the so-called minnow Portsmouth. And to win the game after going behind twice and scoring in the last minute could be considered as the performance of a championship material. At least it was the talk earlier in the season.

Some of us might be tempted to go after Rafa's decision to rest key players ahead of an international break. But we all know the gamble he took by fielding the second bests for this game. It is not a norm that Rafa decides to play a yet-to-mature Ngog alone upfront and a defender to support the midfield. Some might say the lineup was as crazy as it could get, which the majority could not rightly agree more.

Watching the game develop was very frustrating indeed, just like some of the recent games in which we were held to a stalemate. Conceding a goal when we dominated while fielding so many defensive players on the pitch was quite a bummer.

I caught a glimpse the smirk on Crouch's face when they were leading and was immediately reminded of the comments he had supposedly given yesterday, in which he agreed with Keane's lambastings of Rafa. Okay, Keane has a case since he has been known as a prolific striker before coming to LFC (although saying things like he would give his medal away if Liverpool won the league this season is not so nice). But from an unknown Crouch who was helped by Rafa's patience which eventually ignited Crouch international fame? He should be thanking Rafa! Some players suffers from amnesia faster than us fans. Anyways, it was karma when it was Crouch's backpass that led to one of our goals. That was satisfying for me at least.

If we had drawn or lost the game, Rafa would have been further grilled by every Tom, Dick and Harry. It was reported by Spirit of Shankly that George Gillett, in an exclusive interview, is not behind our manager as we would have been made to believe. And he has blamed Rafa for LFC losing the top spot to manure due to our bad form of late. Imagine what a loss to Portsmouth would have done to Rafa, who has yet to agree terms in extending his contract.

For the common fans, all we want to see is Liverpool winning matches. The win against the Chelseas and the Manures were great. This win against Portsmouth is equally great, although the way it was done leaves those with weak heart with a weaker one. And it would be the motherload of greatness if we were to go and win the league at the end of the season. But if we don't, just watching the majority of players working their hearts and socks off in a game is satisfying enough at the moment. Especially the likes of Torres. We will try to ignore the what-ifs then.

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kajang-today said...

yah...we will remember babel's miss. LOL. ermmm lucky lucas was red carded so he cannot play