Thursday, February 26, 2009

How many English teams have actually beaten Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium? Apparently before last night loss to Liverpool, Real Madrid was only beaten once by Thierry Henry's goal for Arsenal in 2006.  So Benayoun's goal last night means a lot to LFC and EPL.

We managed to contain and make Real Madrid look like an ordinary team although their form in the La Liga has been stupendous in the last months. No coincidence here. Imagine if Gerrard and Torres were actually fit.

The win also helped Rafa's cause in the saga of his new contract. We do wonder who could have started the rumour before the match of his intention to quit LFC/his dismissal this weekend. It would be mindbogglingly insane to kick Rafa out now since he seems to be the only sane entity around in LFC setup. For the past five years, he has ensured our qualification in the CL, which means more money in the coffers. Remove him now and LFC would be in chaos for the next few seasons.

The award for our worst performer on the pitch last night must go to Riera. Granted that he assisted in the defensive works, but he really fumbled going forward. I actually started to count of the number of times he lost the ball either for showboating or loose passes but after a while gave up. Too many to keep count. Not to mention of the number of times he strayed upfront.

One of the reasons I am extremely jubilant for the win last night is because of some comments this guy made before the match.

His post-match comments was a lot more different though. I guess he underestimated Liverpool pretty badly. Just like the many poor journalists before the match.


Anonymous said...

ha..ha..ha.. great win! The real madrid president should be given a smack on his backside for predicting that his team will beat us 3-0 at home and 2-1 away to score a 5-1 aggregate win. What a joke la! Another person worth to mention is the referee.. the nut seemed to side real madrid all the way till I was getting frustrated but fate decided otherwise.. he was forced to award a freekick that led to our goal.. thanks ref..

utusanLFC said...

Prior to the goal, my mind was franctically adjusting to accept 0-0 is a win for LFC. simply because Real Madrid is the team of the day, in terms of personnel. I believed Raul is the only one who is not representing his national squad at the moment but the likes of Pepe (this guy is good)... they were strong.
But it is a bonus when we have Yossi to score.