Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End to the Barry Saga.

Good riddance, I say. So glad that he signed for City today. Never did rate him that much, really.

I personally feel that last season when Rafa was chasing him, it was more about Gerrard wanting Barry, his England team 'mate'. The excuse was Parry was slow in making the decision but we could speculate that Rafa did not really want him at Anfield. 

Gerrard again suggested how he would love to have Barry at LFC before Barry 'snubbed' us for the so-called assurance of first team football in a 12M deal (not for the money, of course, allegedly to be at 90K a week, and as if he did not play in every game at his old club, and was also the captain for goodness sake, and could have been be playing in Europe next season). With Parry gone and with Rafa in control of transfers of which he said he needed the power because quick decisions must be made in the transfer market, one could ask why he did not act 'quickly' to secure Barry first thing if he was really chasing him.

What is worrisome now would be whether Alonso, who was the supposedly lamb to be slaughtered for the money to secure Barry, would stay with us. He could be so pissed off with the whole idea that he might really snub us for a better respect for his talents in a greener pasture. He definitely completes the backbone of the team and his vision and accuracy in the game would surely be missed if he were to leave.

Hopefully this end to the Barry saga doesn't trigger an Alonso Saga.


kajang-today said...

hope not !! the coming days are exciting as we wait for comings and goings. Would love to see the back of Lucas.

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