Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a nice arrangement!

This is something that I read on lfcglobe.com. Sickening is the right word to use if I may:

According to the Guardian, George Gillett and Tom Hicks are using money Liverpool have generated for their own personal expenses.

The club are being made to pay almost £2m to cover the travel and legal expenses of the American owners.

The owners’ holding company Kop Football’s accounts show that Hicks charged £192,000 for ‘third party consulting, travel and other expenses’, while co-owner Gillett charged £129,000 for ‘reimbursable travel, legal, personnel and other expenses’.

The total charged to Kop in expenses, for the owners and their affiliated companies, since their takeover in 2007 to the accounts’ end date of 31 July 2008, was £1.85million.

James McKenna, spokesman for the Spirit of Shankly, said: “Hicks and Gillett were the multimillionaires who promised not to do a Glazer and that work would start on the new stadium within 60 days.

“Yet now we find, as fans, not only are we paying for their takeover, but we are also paying for their costs of having done it, and, for coming over to visit the football club.

“They were supposed to bring investment to take the club forward, but it turns out we’re even paying their travel costs.”

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