Sunday, May 10, 2009

3-0 West Ham: worry worry man united...

Liverpool might not become the champions this season but nobody can deny the fact that we are putting a lot of pressure on the scums this season. And I bet many of their fans, especially their red-nosed manager, are deeply worried at the moment. Probably their club tune rings quite loudly in the ears albeit with a different lyrics. "Worry worry man united".

Two games in hand doesn't mean an automatic 6 points. As the saying goes, do not count your chickens before the eggs hatch. After all, we were once 8 points clear at the top, remember? Everyone then thought the BPL was a forgone conclusion this season.

Their first worry is the local derby against Man City today (and you can bet fans of LFC from all over the world will be supporting City). If they do not clinch this game, their worries would be compounded, although a draw will see them back to the top again. After this game, they have another two before Liverpool plays West Brom next Sunday. If the scums were to lose two games before the last day of the season, our meeting with Spurs on that day will be really, really interesting. Hell, it will be one of the best endings to a season as focus would not only be one the bottom of the table as it usually is, but also at the top. The neutrals would be delighted if this were to happen.

Another worrying factor for the scums is we have proven that we could be a force challenging for the league title. We have out-scored them in the league, our players continue to have the belief, and Rafa is looking to further strenghten our squad for next season. After years of rebuilding and with internal squabbles almost out of the window, Rafa has come out to say that he is looking for quality players as addition for next season. This means many players will be offloaded since we have such a big squad, and the funds garnered will be used for 'quality' players. I like the sound of it a lot. So many players are linked to LFC at the moment, and any one of them could be in the reds jersey in the summer. Very exciting indeed.

If the scums go on to win enough games and win it this season, then so be it. Old red-nose should then consider resigning while he is on top, because next season he will have double the sleepless nights. Maybe he could dedicate the remaining years of his life going around thanking all the officials who have been sniffing his ass while he managed the scums. As we wait for this season to end, he can continue to be deeply worried. I like the sound of that a lot too.

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