Sunday, May 3, 2009

3-0 Newcastle...sighaa

So here we are again, back to being 3 points behind the scums after beating Newcastle 3-0 today. The result could have been 7 or 8 goals in our favour, such was our dominance in the game. There are 3 more games left to play before the season ends, while the scums have a game in hand.

It is always nice to hear some players and supporters of LFC who keep saying we will not give up on the league title. But alas, ever since the destiny was out of our hands, this talk of not giving up is merely a hope. Many supporters still believe that the scums will drop at least 6 points by losing to Man City and Arsenal. If the really do lose the two games, it would be down to goal difference then. It will be exciting if it were to happen that the title is decided on the last day of the season. We have a better goal difference than the scums at the moment, but the title decided on goal difference has not happened that often. I cannot even recall when was the last time it happened.

Some supporters have already given up hope, meaning they do not see the scums dropping any points in their remaining matches. And of course the many dubious decisions in their favour by the referees in the recent games further strengthen their beliefs (those who are decades-long followers of the EPL know how far back the scums are favoured by the officials, not to mention the FA itself and the media).

Our form at the moment that sees us close behind the scums after every game must be very worrying for the scums. That for me is good enough because I can imagine the red-nosed scum having sleepless nights everytime we win. With more and more pressure building up on them to perform in the BPL and the CL, he might just crack up and go bonkers. That is something to hope for before the season's end.

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Anonymous said...

Yes its our hope that the scums will drop points but week in week out that swine flu spreading scums are winning matches that they were supposed to lose. The English referees are disgraceful low standard morons. The kind of assistance the scums get from this dishonest referees defies logic. This has happened not once but on many occasions. It's not only about Liverpool but I also sympathize with other smaller clubs like Middleborough, Stoke, WBA, etc. who suffer biased decisions from these low class referees. Then, comes the commentators, who ever they are, they are a bunch of biased blind idiots. In one of Middleborough's attack, the ball hit the hands of two Man U players but they referee waived play on and the commentators claimed its not a penalty. The ESPN pundits should be given a smack on the backside for turning a blind eye on all these favours the scums are receiving. The English FA is the scums No.1 fan. They support Fungus Fergie till their last drop of blood. I wonder why there are so many idiots out there are jealous of pool and try their best to stop pool from winning anything? I think there is a conspricary in UK against pool. Remember why Bob Paisley wasn't awarded the knighthood? If compared with Paisley where does Fungus Fergie stand? Hence, it raised my suspicion that there are many in UK especially the upper ranking people who never want pool to attain the success thay once had two decades ago. What ever happens, as you said yesterday my friend, next season just give away the title to the scums on the first day of the season.
A Frustrated Liverpool Fan: SELVA