Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here is something good to read during this festive season: 



Anonymous said...

Another piece of half-truth cooked up to justify Rafa's failures.

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas Rafa! Hope the Wolves don't maul your players. Let's get the season kick start now... Our season begins now...

Anonymous said...

To all Rafalogists,

Please start preparing excuses on behalf on Benitez should Liverpool fail to subdue Wolves or other teams in subsequent matches.

In the event of a Liverpool win, dont get too excited because Liverpool under Benitez never fail to deceive. You may gloat if Liverpool go on a winning streak but until then, keep your emotion in check.

Khan said...

Anon 8.56AM

And yours is yet another piece of unjustified allegation.

Khan said...

Anon 10.55AM

By using the word 'your' there, you sort of gave away where your affinity lies. Which is it? Chelsea? Mancs?

Khan said...

Anon 12.28PM

Yes, true, it has never failed to deceive. Like last year it deceived everyone with the best points finish in 20+ years. Or the best defence, or highest number of goals scored, or being ranked No. 1 in Europe.

How foolish are we to be so easily decieved by Rafa's teams.

I sensed frustration in your words advising us not to gloat and keeping our emotions in check. Could it be you want to see LFC fail? Only supporters of our rivals want to see that.

And when asked to justify your arguments, your likes start the mockings.

Anonymous said...

We dont want to see LFC fail. The problem is Rafa has already failed Liverpool. As simple as that!..

Our loyalty remain with LFC but not with the current manager.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to say this but I think I have to. Khan, I think there are scums in disguise penetrating this site. Don't fall into their trap. Some people are having a nice time mocking us by pretending to be LFC fans. This can be seen in almost all websites around the world. Let's keep our faith with LFC with or without Rafa. I really don't care anymore about Rafa as long as we can turn it around and I'm sure the players will pull up their socks and win the remaining matches. We have to remember one thing, it is not Rafa who is playing but the 11 players he trusts who would deliver. These 11 players will definetely deliver soon. You Will Never Walk Alone!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.29

You have overstretched your imagination, its bordering on absurdity.

We are hardcore LFC fans but we are unfortunately against the maangerialship of Rafa Benitez.

Please dont drag scums and chelshits in this discussion.

Khan said...

and you, sir, make me laugh

Khan said...

Anon 10.39PM

Can you please describe what is it that makes you a hardcore LFC fan? Just you, no need for the other 'we'.

Khan said...

This is a gem from Aitch (kopblog):

Twas the night before christmas
and all through the blog
not a player was healthy
not even Ngog

Rafa was forced into his horses for courses
while Riera was covered in placenta from horses
17 formations of defenders were named
yet still the zonal defense was to blame

Ole Georgie and Tom were counting their sheckles
while Rafa endured all the blame and the heckles
our season in tatters, no champions league
but no quarter offered for obvious fatigue

At the Toilet they mocked us and shouted with glee
until low and behold, they too suffered injuries
A “20 goal stiker” they paid a 100k a week
but his goal return so far, has been totally weak

And so to the boxing day fixtures we come
with some “fans” thinking our season is done
but fear not friends, for this I atone
Choose to walk with the Scousers, you’ll never walk alone

So this I wish Santa for us all, young and old
That the Yanks will fuck off and to Rich-Fuckers we’re sold
And if you can, in your heart, find it to award
us 3 points against Wolves, up on Anfield’s scoreboard

With such a result and some confidence back
we could fuck-off this talk about giving Rafa the sack
and maybe, find the bottle for the next 5 months fight
So “come on you Reds” and to all a good night

Anonymous said...

Ha..ha..ha.. the last stanza said it all.
"With such a result and some confidence back
we could fuck-off this talk about giving Rafa the sack
and maybe, find the bottle for the next 5 months fight
So “come on you Reds” and to all a good night".
Let's keep faith, LFC will bounce back.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.39 p.m. If you think that I have overstrecthed my imagination, what about you? Haven't you been calling for Rafa's head all the time with your sort of imagination? Yes, at some point of time I was against Rafa in some tactical point of view but it doesn't mean that one has to whack the man as though he had brought disaster to LFC. Since after Daglish resigned, tell me which manager had brought success in comparison with Rafa? Is it Sounness, Houllier, etc? Who? At least this Spaniard gave us the belief that LFC is able to challenge for the BPL crown. Success will never come easily, one has to toil for it. Even the scums were patient for decades until Fungus Fergie took over (even then, he was on the brink of being sacked). So, past history always taught us to be optimistic. Why don't you for once stop hitting Rafa and keep your faith in "our" Liverpool way of not asking for the manager to be sacked? When we say "You Will Never Walk Alone", it also include the manager Rafa Benitez. So, if you are truly an LFC fan, I think you should practice the YNWA philosophy with conscience. Otherwise, you are just an hypocrete who claim to support LFC but fail to see things in LFC way. Sorry to sound so crude but it's just my 2 cents worth of opinion to unite all Liverpool fans.

Anonymous said...

Some people are thick than the others.

If not for the fans calling for the head of Gerrard Houllier, we'd still be sticking with him. For better or for worse.

Then why didn't you persist with Houllier? Houllier did no worse than Benitez in the premiership. That is a fact. Stop deluding yourself that Benitez is a better manager. They are both the same.

BTW, some Liverpool fans are so 'childish" and "insecure" that they needlessly whack the scums and chelshits for nothing.


No need to justify to you la..We are more loyal than you, thats for sure. Our loyalty is to LFC, not to you or Rafa Benitez. What makes you a loyal fan in the first place? Just because you love Benitez so much?

Anonymous said...

Dear LFC fans,

Common la.. don't take too personal. I know all of care and love LFC and I believe we are all life time supporters of the club. To question one's loyalty to the club is too subjective. The debate about Rafa is just one's opinion. We should keep it there and no further insults. It hurts to see LFC fans going for one anothers throat. Just to remind anon 6.37 p.m. LFC fans are not 'childish' when it comes to whacking scums and chelshits. The fans of these clubs will never respect the other. Go around the blogs of these scums and you'll see how "Childish" they are in whacking LFC. Why must we keep quiet when they provoke us? Oh.. about Houllier, I didn't call or even supported his resignation. That man did some wonderful and memorable things for LFC. He quit due to health reasons. Another factor is during Houllier's time, the internet was not blooming like current time. We don't even have local blogsites to debate. But know times have changed and we have more access and platforms to express our opinions. So, let's do it the LFC way. If "You Will Never Walk Alone" really means something to you, do not call for Rafa's head but instead look at other critical aspects of why the same players who performed better last season is underperforming now. Provide most input on the system, tactics, player performances, and team line ups without whacking Rafa. I believe you or me are not the best candidates to replace Rafa. I appreciate your views but again let us unite and do things the LFC way. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!

Khan said...

Anon 6.37AM

I rest my case.

Khan said...

Anon 6.37AM

These made me laugh:

- Some people are thick than the others.

- We are more loyal than you, thats for sure.

Apparently from a glory hunter.

When asked to support you claims, you come up with NOTHING. Saying "No need to justify to you la" is saying "I don't know how".

Now if I asked you show me where I have mentioned I love Rafa, you will say NOTHING too.

Khan said...

Anon 11.15AM

Very true. But of course all the facts will escape these people. That's why I laughed when I read "Some people are thick than the others".

Anonymous said...

Scums are fungus infected shit. The Chelshits are rodents without direction hoping for scraps from Abrahamthewitch! I will whack them till the end of the world! The beauty is only Liverpool! I'll always do the Liverpool way! Even if they choose K.Rajagopal to manage the team, I'll support LFC! yes, I am a lind supporter who don't care about any other team. I love Liverpool with or without Benitez, I love Liverpool! Win lose or draw I don't care, I love Liverpool. To all fans who love Liverpool, I love you guys! So stop rubbing shoulders with fellow LFC fans and start to pray for our team to succeed. Do't let the scums or the chelshits brag. Even small peanuts like Wolves are talking much now. I don't care what the others say, but I love Liverpool. You Will Never Walk Alone Macha!

Anonymous said...

Liverpool is so special. It has passion. It has history. It is legendary. A small club grew to become giants of the world. Now all jealous Brits and the English media are after us! I don't care even if we are relegated as I will always love Liverpool. The only team that I have supported all my lifetime. I won't argue with LFC fans over Rafa because I respect the feelings of my fellow LFC fans. But I will keep faith in Rafa and Liverpool because I love Liverpool. The only club in the planet that broke the domination of giants like Real Madrid. You Will Never Walk Alone! Ok Macha!

Anonymous said...

When asked to justify how Rafa is better than Houllier in the premiership, these Rafalogists evade the question?..Why? because the truth is Rafa is no better than Houllier? and sorry to say truth hurts..

Anonymous said...

Our loyalty is questioned and we are called glory hunters simply because we are calling for Rafa's head and being critical of LFC under the managerialship of Rafa Benitez.

When failed to put up a convincing argument, i guess this is the best line of defence by the Rafalogists..Pathetic!

Khan said...

Right Macha!

And you know what's the saddest thing about the Mancs support? There isn't a single song of their most succesful manager, WhiskeyBreath.

We have lots, not to mention the banners! Rafa looks good, doesn't he?

Khan said...

Yeah, Rafa gets a teamsheet who should start before a game, from the captain and players themselves, just like Houllier did.

And that truth hurts, doesn't it?

What is so convincing about your arguments?

Khan said...

Pathetic is when:

- you do not know about LFC history
- you do not know about the media agenda against Liverpool the city and LFC
- you do not know how LFC supporters back the managers and the players through thick and thin
- you do not know if you had got your way, Shankly would have been sacked when he was building his team and The Liverpool Way for 6 seasons
- you do not know funds = success
- you blatantly ignore all the facts that a team wins the title when it further strengthens itself (with funds) following an almost successful season (we sold more than we bought this season)
- you blatantly ignore Rafa's success during his tenure, better than his predecessor
- you don't see LFC owners as F'ing 'custodians' who are here just to make a profit, dismantle LFC for its worth and relegate us one day like Leeds
- you blatantly ignore all the injuries this season
- you think the refs are not unkind to us but would readily award WhiskeyBreath a game through dubious ways
- you think Rafa is the cause for injuries this season, and he put the beachball on the pitch
- you blatantly ignore the improvements in the youth system set up by Rafa
- you blatantly ignore the fact that if Rafa did not have to sell to buy all throughout the last 2 years, we would be on top of the league now
- you don't think Rafa is keeping us afloat, and not the owners
- you blatantly ignore that Rafa is overachieving at the moment, when at least 5 teams are currently spending more than us
- you don't know that LFC were never a rich club (maybe Souness and Houllier broke one or two transfer record during their day without any success)
- you do not know that LFC has always had to struggle to be successful BECAUSE of The Liverpool Way
- you do not know how the current owners are wrecking The Liverpool Way at Anfield (ever wondered why there is never an anti_rafa demonstration at Anfield?)
- you think we are blind followers of Rafa when in fact if ever it is apparent Rafa is totally at fault, we would be the first to call for his head (read Souness & Houllier)
- you think we are like you to always kneejerk with "win or else" mentality
- you blatantly ignore all the researches done by staunch supporters of LFC such as Tomkins and then mock them
- you call yourselves 'hardcore' supporters when in fact you sound just just like glory hunters and call other fans so support you (Chelsea is doing well, support them)
- you mock fans who have been supporting LFC since the 50's
- you believe the SlySport pundits who are paid to stir up things (or former managers and players how have nothing to show in terms of success)
- you call us Rafalogist/Rafa@Lickers when you can't debate
- you never come with any solution to our predicaments, only 'Rafa out' Rafa out' - shows how expert you are with the game
- you think this list stops here

Khan said...

This is free from TomkinsTimes. Please read it.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one la macha.. No point justifying so much to people who know nothing. I've never come across scums' supporters putting their own team, manager and even their players down. They also do not condemn other Manu fans who have their own point of views. True LFC fans are always patient. It doesn't matter if we (true fans) need to wait another 10 years. I love the club not because they win titles but due to its history. Sometimes I think there are some out there who just stir up things to see how you react. That is for personal reasons I suppose. And I think these anti-Rafa debates are created by people who want to see your reaction for their personal pleasure. Do not fall into this trap and make a clown out of yourself. Soon, LFC will find its way to the top where we belong. And I personally ask you not to justify anymore. Even my 10 year old son understood your explanations and justifications. Hence, I'm surprised at why do some still harping about Houllier who had long gone. It doesn't make sense to compare them. Who would you pick to be the best, Pele or Maradona? It will be a difficult choice. The same goes to Rafa. We should stop comparing him with others. Our focus should be on supporting LFC through thick and thin. In these difficult times, LFC need us more than anything. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE! (I don't support Rawang FC macha).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How is it that Rafa is better than Houllier in the premiership?

The question remains unanswered!

We are not glory hunters, of course winning the title is the ultimate.

But we expect LFC to be CHALLENGING, not excuses after excuses coming out from our manager.

Challenging meaning LFC put up a good performance on a regular basis (you may have off-days one or twice).

But who is this manager kidding? Quotes like "we were playing well", "we were controlling the game", we had a lot of possession" "we were unlucky" are constantly being used to mask his own failures.

The saddest part is there are some among us who easily fall prey to his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.18 p.m. Then, tell me which manager would say:
- we were the worst
- my players were lazy
- my team is useless
- this is the worst team I had managed
- our players are pampered
- we don't deserve to be in the premier league, etc.
Look at what had happened to Tony Pulis for hauling up his players during halftime break and gave them a tongue lashing in the field. They never recovered after that till Pulis got sacked. This is simple psychology, do not condemn your own team in public or you lose respect of the players. Furthermore, the more you whack your own team, the players' confidence will erode further. The players will not trust you anymore and that's it, the morale of the team will be destroyed. That is the reason why Rafa is using that sort of reasons, not to protect himself but to protect the dignity of the players. Wenger, Fergie, Mourinho, Hiddink, etc. would do the same. Wenger for example, whenever his player or team are caught doing something wrong, he would say I didn't see it and offer various excuses by attacking the referees, etc. But Gunners fans never complained. So, let us give this Rafly (Rafa + Shankly) more time and space and let's see the outcome. We are not new to failures. The worst one was when Arsenal beat us at Anfield on the last fixture of season. We lost 0-2in 1989. I cried in the wee hours of the morning. So, failures are not new to me. Win lose or draw it is always Liverpool. I LOVE LIVERPOOL! So let's throw our support behind Rafa and get LFC in full trottle again. You Will Never Walk Alone.

Anonymous said...

So we won last night, good but we wonder why Benitez didnt say it was a lucky win because we played against 10 men. Remember he said we were unlucky to lose against Portsmouth because we played with 10 men.

By Rafa's logic, Wolves were really unlucky against Liverpool, not that Liverpool were outstanding or anything, just like when Benitez didn't accept that Portsmouth were the better team.

Benitez can fool some people, all the time ; and all the people, some of the time ... but Benitez can't fool All the people , All the time"

Khan said... about being thick and all

Khan said...

Anon 8.13PM

And nobody is going to fool you because you are so smart and intelligent.

I wonder why you even bother, when a win doesn't bring you any joy. Looks like you will always be disturbed as long as Rafa manages LFC. A pity, because it could be for the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.13 p.m. Are you sure you are LFC fan? Didn't seem to sound like one. Where is the philosophy of win, lose or draw it is always Liverpool. If you question our win last night in such a manner, then I have doubt in you. Or are you having a personal grudge with Khan? Or is it you just trying to provoke LFC fans and enjoy their reaction? Give credit to where it is due. You Will Never Walk Alone mean a lot for "genuine" LFC fans. It doesn't matter whether we won by fluke or luck, a win is a win. And why must we bother about what Rafa has to say to the "biased" media? Most LFC fans don't give a damn to the media spinners anymore. Rafa is still the best handler of media interviews. He doesn't give in much even after he is provoked. That's why the media is frustrated with him. All the best to you in provoking Khan and attacking Rafa. The end result will be a no win situation for anyone.So, let's throw our support behind the team, instead of attacking Rafa. Life is beautiful, enjoy it to the fullest!

rizal hashim said...

khan, hahahahahah, kesian lah kena layan anon heheheh

Khan said...


Semangat yang tinggi lagi jitu hehe

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..Rafa will last another 4 season? only in your dream, Khan..

But keep dreaming, it's cheap!..haha

Khan said...

Anon 5.13PM

I guess your english is not that good to understand:

"because it COULD be for the next 4 years"

Khan said...

and that was a haha back to you

Anonymous said...

4 years is basically 4 seasons, dont try to put a spin on it when you dont have substance.

I guess its time for you to go back to school and enrol in standard 1. After all, new school year is just around the corner.

BTW my English isnt that good. I'm not a native speaker, unlike you.

Khan said...

You don't get it, do you?

What's your substance? I bet you have loads of it.

This is so hilarious.

Khan said...

Maybe this will remind you not to attack the person you are debating with, because that's what you have done numerous times. Rather than focusing the issue, you became personal especially when you don't have any substance in your arguments.

Try to stick to the topic and maybe we can have a decent conversation/debate.

Anonymous said...

John Aldridge more or less believes that Rafa no longer has in him the ability to propel LFC to greater height.


Now, is Aldridge also a Manc? a Chelshit? Because anyone who is critical of the manager is always labelled as such. Very convenient isn't it.

Khan said...

Anon 9.15PM

No, it is not convenient at all.

That is his opinion, and you can of course listen to him. Who knows where his loyalty lies nowadays? Just like in the case of Redknapp jr, Souness, et al.

You can also try to listen to those who feels they understand Rafa's cause. And then afterwards make you own mind based on what you have read/heard/seen after you have given it some thoughts. Then maybe come up with some points of arguments, which is always welcome.

But did he say anything about those people who doesn't agree with him as Rafalogists or Rafa@Lickers? Or whatever those people write as garbage? At least in giving his opinion, he is still a gentleman.

As for being a Chelsea/Mancs fans, I have come across a lot of these fans in LFC sites who mock us a lot. So, pardon me if you are thought as one of them. There's one non-LFC fan who periodically comes in here and drops a bombshell. Understandably, of course.

That is why some bloggers have decided to ban Anons to comment in their blogs. It is difficult to know who's who. As in your case, how would I know you are not another Manc mocking us? I don't have time to trace the IPs and compared them with the comments.

Khan said...

That should read Anon 9.50PM

gary said...

you'll never whine alone!

hahahahaha...cheers sire.

Anonymous said...

Some people seem to value mediocrity more than anything else. hahaha


Anonymous said...

In Rafa We Rust...

gary said...

ek ele...chill la.

anon, sacking rafa is not the solution. let he do his job la.

anyway, since you know everything about LFC better than rafa, why dont you apply for the position?

cikgu, happy new year! next year we go s'pore together ok, kalau dieorg turun mai kallang la . :)

Khan said...

Happy New Year Gary

Hey, I thought the next plan was a trip to Anfield? What happened? ;-)

Next year I feel LFC will come to KL, standard chartered and all..

Khan said...

Anon 10.52AM

"...value mediocrity more than anything else"

Most people (LFC fans) value The Liverpool Way more than anything else. Unlike some fans. Hahaha

gary said...

anfield trip? been there already. :)