Monday, December 14, 2009

Frustrating Times at LFC

There is no denying that the loss against Arsenal last night was frustrating for the majority of us. Many of us had expected that we would win this game because, at long last, we had players coming back from injuries and Rafa had almost his best players at his disposal. It was also a great opportunity to close the gap at the top, especially when the other contenders for the top four faltered in one way or another.

Well, personally it had slipped my mind that players who are back from an injury would be rusty, as what we saw in Torres who would have easily scored that one clear opportunity he had in the first half. Torres' display last night was clearly an indication of rustiness because we all know what he is capable of. The same goes for Aquilani who came in in the second half, and asking him to salvage us the game was in a way asking a bit too much.

Our first-half performance was a good indication of our team being back to its best form. If our finishings were better or if Torres were fully-fit, I am sure our display in the first-half itself would have assured us a win. My major complaint last night was Benayoun having to play on the right because if we had Reira fit, he would have provided us with more crosses. Benayoun, as we saw, had to always cut in as I am sure his left foot for crosses would have been as good as to Aurelio's right-foot.

Motivational wise, Arsenal had a good cause to go all out since a win for them would have taken them 3 points off the Mancs with a game in hand, which they managed. I am not saying that we didn't have that motivation but clearly what happened in the second half was something we were not prepared for.

After all the onslaughts we put unto Arsenal, to see the ball deflecting that a many times before Johnson's own goal was devastating in a way. Although it would have been difficult to read it in the players, I am sure they would have thought "WTF! With all the effort of having an almost full squad that played some decent football, after only 5 mins in the second half this happens. Did we deserve this?" This after having a call for a clear-cut penalty denied by the ref. Then 8 minutes laters, Arshavin who hardly had a game, scored from the only half-chance that he got. It would not have been easy for the players to be so composed after that. Hence we saw a wee bit of desperation afterwards when the balls were most of the time quickly knocked forward in hopes it would fall to our forwards. The rest is history. Playing against Arsenal is of course never easy, and that is an understatement.

I have been called a Rafalogist by some quarters and again I would like to state again that I am against those who thinks by removing Rafa out now, all our problems will be solved. They call me Rafalogist and I call them Anti-Rafa Brigade. I would like to think that some amongst the Anti-Rafa Brigade are just frustrated while some fail to see what Rafa has done for us since taking over. They would rather listen to SlySport and the likes of Souness (don't you love Rafa's response to both Souness and Klinsmann?) and Redknapp jr. Well, there is no point in repeating what I have been thinking so far because it has been stated many times over. 

What really mindboggles me is some of these fans are actually happy when we falter because it proves their argument. They do not want to listen to the facts that for a team to succeed nowadays, it needs strong backing of funds, not only for buying players but also for paying high wages to make them happy enough to warm the bench. 

What we have suspected a long time ago was mentioned by Rafa Benitez himself that the priority this year was to take care of the debt situation in LFC. That means Rafa needed and will need to sell to buy and to sell to increase the players wages when we offer them new contracts. That means Rafa would need to sell to service the debts. And I will not be surprised if Mascha is sold in the summer (extend his contract before that so that we get a better price for him when Barcelona come knocking) because we need to pay our debts. Debts which was not there before the American Jokers took over. And when Rafa sells, making a profit in the process, he will only receive a paltry sum for the players. Just like in the case of Alonso.

Well, here we have a manager who just signed a new five-year contract knowing the situation beforehand and agreed with the owners. So, even if Rafa did not sign the extension, some other manager would have done the same and that manager would have been facing the same kind of problems Rafa is facing in relation to funds for players. So, how different would things be then? But what is important in this aspect is we do not become another Leeds United. And we should be backing the team and the manager to ensure we qualify for the CL next season. Clearly this added pressure on the team is not needed at this moment.

Some might argue Rafa's tactics and approaches to games are wrong, hence we are not performing (forget about the injuries we have had because some of these fans do not want to hear that). Last season Rafa showed what the team is capable of and his tactics, if they were wrong, wouldn't have taken us so close to the title. Some fans argue the players he has brought to the club are not good enough. Well, we know the sort of players he wanted but could not get them due to either lack of funds or Parry's blunders. But look at the line-up we have at the moment and count how many players are good enough to be playing for their international teams. If Rafa is blind to talent, then you need to also accuse the international managers to be blind too.

In a nutshell, if we were to give Michael Schumacher a Proton Saga he will also falter. Then we ask for the head of Schumacher because he failed to deliver and ask Jensen Button to drive the car. And it will go on and on.  Bad analogy, I know, because clearly these drivers will never ever be able to improve the Proton Saga into a Ferrari, but in the case of Liverpool, Rafa will be able to at least take us close to the finishing line ahead. Something he almost did last season, against all the odds facing us in the face. And I believe, given enough time and patience, he will eventually find the balance he is seeking and deliver us the Holy Grail.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are fully aware that Rafa has made a lot of blunders. It is just that you are too stubborn to admit it.

Maybe you should consider an entry on Rafa's blunders so that we can have a balanced reporting or at least looking at it objectively.

Khan said...

Anon 10.46PM

Yes, I agree with you and admit that Rafa had blundered in the past. I am not that stubborn. All managers make blunders, may it be in the form of players bought or tactically in a game.

Too many times we have read in the media about his approaches to game being wrong, such as zonal marking, and most of the times these stories are either lies spewed out by the media or just someone writing with the benefit of hindsight.

But I have seen Rafa's qualities as a manager and these qualities overshines his 'blunders', if you may call them that. One quality of his is, for example, when he buys a dud, he will offload him quickly when he has the chance. This season it is a bit unique because he couldn't offload players that he clearly has little faith in because to have done that would mean he would be short of squad players. We know what would happen to the funds he brings into the club when he sells players.

So I still maintain to trust him even when he has 'blundered' many times as you put it.

Anonymous said...

At least Rajagopal led Malaysia to the final. So I propose Rajagopal to replace Rafa!

Anonymous said...

Now read the comments in this link. Then, ponder what is right or wrong.

Khan said...

Anon 11.45PM

Good that you brought this up.

Firstly, I would like to assume that you know of how the media have been on to Liverpool for a very very long time. If you do not, then please go do some research and read about the lies that have been spewed by the media about LFC. Talk to people who actually live in Liverpool, people who are actually passionate about their LFC, who have gone through the thicks and thins with LFC. Then come back and tell me if there is any agenda against LFC or not.

Currently, I have been told of how bad it has become, not only from the printed media, but also from the TV programmes and the call-ins, and not to mention the internet of course. Anyways, my point here is, yes, it is true that the media do not get a manager sacked but results do. But at LFC, we know how unique it has been that the fans always back the players and the manager. The fans who are always proud of being knowledgible fans and would not knee-jerk easily just because they read something in the papers or heard on the radio that a manager is a crap and should be sacked. But of course, when the times really comes for that call to be made, when it is clearly seen that he is at fault, without reasonable doubt, then the call would be made. No arguments there. We don't need the Sounesses and the Redknapps to tell us that. It is called the Liverpool way.

The worrying part of all this, I was told, is that more and more 'fans' who do not know about the Liverpool way are allowed to give their 'expert' views in the printed media and on the air. This is clearly done to unsettle the club, when so-called experts and fans are specifically 'chosen' and led into making statements they do not normally make, and at the same time others with alternative views are cut off and silenced. This may seem too far-fetched as a conspiracy theory, but believe me, it is there to be seen.

I am not surprised that the article you posted says "Incredibly, the response from the Kop - and the rest of Anfield - was silence. No passion, no fervour, no attempts to spark the dying embers back into life." because I have been told about this many many times before this. Apparently, Anfield nowadays is 'infested' by mostly so-called supporters from overseas who, thanks to our new owners, buy the expensive packages whilst the locals themselves are having a hard times getting tickets to the home games. These supporters, I was told, are mostly tourists and are not really passionate about the club, some do not even know the lyrics to the YNWA anthem, let alone the history of the club, people who would rather be busy taking photographs during the games. Thanks to the owners for cashing into the tourism business of Anfield, we see less and less authentic supporters in the games. And the real fans of LFC are worried that one day we will turn out to become another Old Trafford where the karaoke is more important than the game and the MC needs to prompt the supporters to sing the club anthem.

Some fans in Liverpool even said that if Liverpool is relegated, it would be a good thing because these glory-hunter 'supporters' would then leave and support other clubs and things would again be back to normal. I was sorry to hear also that some minority in Liverpool actually would be glad if we got rid of supporters that started supporting LFC after Istanbul, because it is felt these are the people who mostly do the damage to the club with their knee-jerk reactions asking for changes without taking into consideration of the circumstances surrounding the club. Dunno how far the truth is but you can actually try looking for this online.

Khan said...

Something in the article you posted is quite interesting: "Steven Gerrard and Javier Mascherano tore in to every challenge as if their lives depending on it, Arsenal couldn't get going and had Fernando Torres been fit - or even close to it - and buried the sort of chance he would normally put away in his sleep then there would surely have been only one result." It admits the fact that Torres is not fully fit because otherwise things would have been different for us. Our players being injured is not because of Rafa. You should know that.

As for us being worse than Portsmouth, let us wait until the end of the season before we make our judgement.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Khan! You deserve a salute from me. I was a LFC fan since 1977but haven't met one so enthusiastic as you are. Keep your faith man, I'll support your cause to defend Rafa. That poor man need some moral boosting la.. I sympathised seeing him a forlone figure. Damn.. this is Liverpool man. We should support this club till the end.

Anonymous said...

We've been supporting LFC since 1974 and we dont want the club to be turned into Rafa FC.

Managers come and go.Nno manager is bigger than the club. If the manager doesn't perform or is past his expiry date, he should know where to look for the door. Resign honourably.

Rafa hasn't done any better than Houllier in 4 out of 5 seasons. Fact!

In LFC we trust!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 7.10 p.m.

Great to know that you are a fan since 1974. Hence, I believe you should know clearly how LFC works. We don't sack managers at our whimps and fancy. Not every manager see success continuously. There are ups and downs. Fergie,Hiddink, Eriksson,Ancelotti, Wenger, and evan the legendary Tito Santana had their bad times. Why look far? Our own legends Shanks and Paisley had faced difficult times. What about Daglish, the so called "King Kenny"? He dumped us in time of need. If all these managers were given the chance, why not Rafa? When Fergie was doing bad in his earlier days with the scums, did the media attacked him? No! If you don't believe, check the UK newspaper archives. This is selected persecution. What if Rafa manages to led the team to CL qualification? What if next season, he leads LPC to the EPL title or another CL glory? Or eventually, he becomes the next legend after Shanks and Paisley? Where would all these anti-Rafa fans hide the face? Winning or losing is parts and parcels of the game. Why support Rafa when we win but attack him when we lose? We have waited for more than 3 decades, why not be patient for another few seasons? Let's be realistic, there are no other manager better than Rafa to manage LFC. Keep faith in him, he will make things better.

Anonymous said...

Dear LFC fans,

The conspiracy theory resurfaces again! This time we should look at the origin of the problem. It all began after our defeat to Villa. Rafa blasted the team's seniour players of under performing and weak. This includes the likes of Carra, Gerrard, Torres, Masca, etc. There are wide speculation that some of these players already ganged up to teach Rafa a lesson. In truth, the team is split into two. There is no team unity talk, motivation and respect for one another. Rafa is the victim of conspiracy from his own players and that includes Carra and Gerrard. If I cite the source where I got this info, then you guys will say that the media is against LFC. So, it's best if I keep the source a secret for now. These group of players want Rafa out by the end of the season. So Mr Khan, stop ranting over Rafa and try to find out the truth about this conspiracy theory!
YOU WILL NEVER WIN AGAIN (if the theory is true)

Khan said...

This is a nice one:

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 10.56pm

There's no other better manager to manage LFC?Dont make us laugh..At best, Rafa is the best among the worst.

Football has changed a lot since the days of Shankly. In this era, no manager will have the luxury of time on his side. He has to produce results in a reasonable time frame, otherwise he will be shown the door. Perhaps Fergie and Wenger are the exceptions.

A lot of your arguments are hypothetical in nature. Using your logic, I may also ask you why Liverpool didn't persist with Houllier? Why terminated his contract after 5/6 seasons? Who knows, had he been given an extension he might have won us 3/4 premierships and 2/3 Champion's League. The same logic can be applied to Evans and Souness as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Rafa is no better than Houllier except that he won us the Champions League in his first season. But he can't no longer live on past glory.

Media dont get the managers sacked but results do. Anyway please leave the media out of this for the media do not determine whether a match is won, drawn or lost.

My question: where will the pro-Benitez brigade hide their face if Rafa isn't able to turn Liverpool around and gets the sack? Will these people turn their back on Liverpool and sail with Rafa into the sunset?

Another question: how much more time should Rafa be given to manage Liverpool? Until he succeeds? When will that happen?

We love LFC more than any other individual. Rafa isn't going to be our messiah or saviour. Stop having this dangerous obsession with him. Some fans are actually playing into his hands. Rafa knows very well he's on borrowed time...

Khan said...

Anon 11.56Pm

IF a manager receives all the required resources due to him and doesn't perform, then he should be sacked. That usually happens at big clubs like Real Madrid, Chelsea, et al. In the case of Souness and Houlier, it did too.

But not for Rafa. He was doing okay until the clowns took over the club. What happened after that is there for all to see.

He might be sacked soon, who knows. He was almost sacked and Klinsmann was in line to take the helm. You decide which of these two is better for us. Our owners are not football fans, but businessmen. You know the history of the businesses the two clowns have been involved with. You decide.

If the playing field was level, I would be the first person to ask for Rafa's head. But unfortunately it is not. Changing managers now will not change our fortunes in the league. What we have seen is Rafa has taken us above the 6th placings we are actually good for. If you think money is not important in today's football, then I feel sorry for you. Why then must all the big clubs spend so much on players and wages if it wweren't important. Money=success: no denying it and has been proven.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that there isn't going to be a level-playing field, financially or non-financially. The sooner we accept that the better it will be for us.

Imagine if all the teams start using financial disparity as an excuse, where will it end? Teams like Bolton or Wolves will also point out that there are not able to compete with Liverpool because they are financially inferior.

I am sorry to say that between 1993-2003 (pre-Rafa years) Liverpool finished among the top four most of the time, 8 out of the 10 seasons to be precise. Liverpool were already a top 4 team then. It was just that in those days, only 2/3 teams teams from England were allotted Champions League slot. So Rafa's achievement in the premiership is nothing extraordinary.

Tell me how and where Rafa did okay before the 2 American clowns took over early 2007? I dont think he managed better than 3rd placing. I stand corrected though.

Anonymous said...

Who said Rafa cannot be sacked? he was sacked twice in career during his time in Real Valladolid and Ossasuna. His successful team was Valencia but many skeptics think that they were just one season wonderers.

Khan said...

Look at what was not reported by the media:

Khan said...

Anon 3.42AM

Exactly! When do you think Bolton or Wolves will win the title? Since funds is not important, they should win it too. No?

Do you see their fans asking for the manager's head because they can't win or challenge for the title?

Khan said...

Anon 9.26AM

You still don't get it, do you? Who said Rafa cannot be sacked? Cannot and must be sacked are two different things.

Check out Rafa's achievements prior to the takeover, when he was building his team and getting rid of some of Houlier's duds. And see what has happened afterwards. He ensured CL qualification each time, top four spot, and almost won it last season. And all these happened against the circumstances he had to face.

Anonymous said...

I think you are confused. Bolton and Wolves dont complain about being financially poor but you DO all the time as if Liverpool must have the extra funds before they can compete. In fact you are using it as an excuse for Rafa's pathetic managerialship.

You havent objectively compared Houllier's achievement with that of Rafa? I smell something here.

As stated earlier, Liverpool under Rafa qualified for Champions League even when they finished 3rd or 4th in the league. During Houllier's time, only 2/3 places were alloted to England. So what is so special about our pathetic Benitez? If the same criterion is still in place, Rafa would have missed UCL at least 2 times!!! Try refute this!

Anyway it is the standing in the league that we are concerned about. Compare Houllier's achievement to that of Benitez. What do you see? A lot of similarities. Pathetic Rafa is certainly no better than Houllier.

Khan said...

The confused person is you, Anon.

It is people like you who are complaining Rafa should be sacked because he hasn't 'performed', which is winning the title. Bolton and Wolves fans do not complain that because they know their standing compared to the big clubs. The keep supporting the club, getting behind the manager because they know the reality.

But you, you keep going after Rafa's head because to you he is not 'performing' although you clearly know he hasn't been given the funds to compete against the big clubs. You feel that it is a God given rights that LFC must win the title, no matter what.

As for comparison of Houlier's and Rafa's records, why dont you stop being lazy and do your own research? You can start by going through what I have written in this blog. Then go and subscribe to Tomkinstime, it is cheap. Then tell me what you smell.

I can go on and refute you and ask you whether during Houlier's time there were this many clubs spending more money than LFC?

All I know is you will never know the Liverpool Way until you stop being hard-headed and find out about it.

Khan said...

Read this if you have not:’t-afford-to-win-the-league/

Anonymous said...

The Yanks are the main culprits here! These two morons caused our problems. They are like a dangerous virus killing our beloved club every minute. We are shooting at the wrong target here. Rafa should not be blamed for this situation. Yes, he had blundered several times but it is common. Most managers do blunder sometime along their career. Rafa is a good manager and it cannot be denied. He is brave, bold and a good tactician. If the players in his possessesion are not good enough, what can the manager do? Let's give the man some time and space. We should instead shift our focus to get rid of the greedy yanks. These bastards (sorry) are gobbling up the resources of our club. SHOUT "GET LOST YANKS"! AND "LONG LIVE RAFA".


Anonymous said...

Why must we believe Paul Tomskin alone? There are so many other articles written by others who give better insights into the failures of Rafa Benitez.

We have no doubt that you practise selective jounalism to serve your bias nature of supporting Rafa to the hilt Time and time again you spin the story and put the blame on Liverpool's predicament on someone/something else.

Still you haven't proved that Rafa is better than Houllier. Both are unfortunatey poor managers. Houllier is at least more honest. But Rafa?

Khan said...

And you are not being biased and selective. You are joking right?

Anyways, show me those "so many other articles written by others who give better insights into the failures of Rafa Benitez". I really need to see them. Seriously. Give me the links.

What's wrong with the Tomkins' article? Try refuting it if you can.

And while you are at it, why not explain too how Benitez is a poor manager?

Khan said...

Anonymous said...

I told you how much lower can Liverpool go? Whats the excuse this time, Senor Benitez? Shame on you, Benitez.. We lost against a bottom team!

Would love to hear from all Rafalogists@Rafa lovers@ Rafa lickers..Maybe you guys would like to justify on behalf of Senor Benitez..

The fact is Benitez can no longer inspire the players, he has run out of ideas.. Worse, he persists with mediocre players like Lucas and Kuyt. Everybody can see that except blind followers of Benitez.

Benitez, please go, you have brought shame to Liverpool. may be you take take along Kuyt, Lucas and all your blind followers with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khan,

Now that Liverpool have lost to the bottom placed team, what's your excuse this time?

You still want to say that Liverpool is unlucky?

Come on la, Liverpool have been poor all season. We have been playing ugly and we have been far from inspiring, how can we be unlucky?

Anonymous said...

Dear Khan,

Admit it, Rafa not only blundered in the past but he is making a lot of blunders now and he is so arrogant he doesnt want to admit it. Look at his choice of players and how he treat some of the players.

Resign now otherwise Rafa might bring more shame to Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

If you analyse the first half we were doing well, even with their goal but then came the Mascherano incident.
"We were a good team in the first half and the sending off changed everything.
"We had some chances, we should have scored, we were controlling the game and everything changed with Mascherano.

The above comments came from a LUNATIC.

Khan said...

Pathetic. Where were you fans after our win in the midweek? Felt gutted that we won then and it did not prove your points?

Anonymous said...

How many times did Benitez have to resort to "we had some chances, we should have scored".

The fact remains that Liverpool didnt score from their chances.

Another thing, Benitez tried to con us by implying that Liverpool lost because of Masch's dismissal. As if Liverpool were really firing on all cylinders or were leading at the time.

Enough of your stupid and silly excuses, Benitez. Your comments are only fit for fools.

Khan said...

So, a red card to one of the most important players on the pitch will not change anything (still dont see how it was a straight red). It did not change our game plans, neither it changed the outcome. Really? What's so lunatic about that?

Khan said...

So who would you have played instead of the players Rafa selected for this game, dear Anon?

Care to list them out?

Anonymous said...

Come on la Khan, dont be so emotional..

Did we play great against Wigan? We did play quite decent football in the first half but in the 2nd half? In the end, we scraped through 2-1..Until Torres scored we werent sure of winning..

Again, one win does not make a summer.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khan, you are just parroting your mentor, Senor Benitez.

Why did we have to play negative football, even against poor teams? 2 holding midfielders? A lone striker? Lucas? Kuyt?

Tell you what, Benitez sounds more and more like Houllier in his final days.

Khan said...

You guys are still ranting on and on and I will do the same.

I am going to borrow something from a regular at kopblog (Aitch) for you guys to read and consider one of the circumstances that should be bugging you all, and not just what is happening on the pitch. This should make you all more angry and not just target the so-called Rafa hardheadedness, or the fact we suck on the pitch, or the fact that we dont have depth in the squad. This is the bigger picture and what the team is up against. And what the fans should be up against too rather than 'oh I want my cookie! Give it to me now!' tantrums. You all might get your wish for christmas and get Rafa sacked, and all the while oblivious to our club being sucked dry by the two leeches. But that wouldn't matter because what you want is results and who cares about the Liverpool Way anymore?:

"But just take a breath, set your feelings asicde for a moment and think about this.

Instead of selling the club, ifMoores had fired Parry, hired a Proper 21st Century Businessman, then borrowed 270 million quid (the initial debt lumped onto the club by G&H)

…deducting the approximate 100 million we’ve spent on players since their arrival (arrived at through increasing that loan ammount… urgh!)

…we’d have the squad we have now (more or less, not considering players who would not have been bought coz we had momney for better lads)

… AND we’d have had 170 million left over to buy … oh, say… David Villa, David Silva, and Andre Arshavin, … (before their prices went through the roof) …(like we did with Nando)
…had enough left over to buy a defender or two.
…and maybe 40/50 odd million to rent a couple of bulldozers and buy some cement… as opposed to 1 ceremonial spade and a porta loo!

Sure, we’d be still 270 million in debt… but NOT the 350 million we are currently saddled with…
… we’d have a far superior squad,
… we’d probably have additional silverware (no guarantees of course, but highly likely)
…we’d actually likely be worth the ludicrous 400 mill price tag G&H lumped us with, (before arbitrarily raising that to 500????)
… and would be in a position to actually build/finish a new stadium.

We know the alternative… but just imagine if that’d happened!
That is what makes my boil! Not the reality we have now, but the reality that could have been!"

Khan said...

And you still don't see the message that Rafa was giving to the fans recently -- our priority this year is to reduce the debts.

Still think the owners are not to blame eh. Still think Rafa is 100% at fault for whatever problems we are facing on the pitch.

Wake up la..

Anonymous said...


Benitez loves you so much because are a such a great understudy.

You dont have to remind us about our owners, we are all aware of that. We dont want leeches like them but at the moment there is no way they are going to be forced out.

You should focus on what's happening on the pitch and not try to shift Benitez's failures on others.

What positives can you take from the game against Portsmouth?

Benitez started with 8 defensive-minded players and 2 holding midfielders and a lone striker against a basement team? More like the team was set up not to lose the match rather than win it. Blame it on on the owners again?

How many attempts did Liverpool have throughout the match?

Anonymous said...

Our season starts now" -Benitez 2 months ago.
"Our season starts now" -Benitez one month ago.
"Our season starts now" -Benitez 2 weeks ago.
"Our season starts now" -Benitez in a few days.
"Our season starts now" -Benitez a few weeks later.
"Ok, our season really starts now" -Benitez in week 37.
"See? I was so right, our new season is really starting now" -Benitez, August 2010

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Rafa after every defeat and draw always says "Now we have to hope we can win our next game.'' and only that?

Seems like he is the only hopeful and intelligent soul at Anfield. The rest of us are all blind and dumb, according to Rafa.

Khan said...

If you were aware of the circumstances, you would not be saying what you are saying.

"Benitez started with 8 defensive-minded players and 2 holding midfielders and a lone striker"

If the above was written because the writer seriously thinks it is a fact, then it is apparent to me s/he is not well versed with the game.

Want to blame the red card to Mascha on Rafa too? Might as well do it. Rafa is to blame for the red card because he played Mascha. There, I said it! Or shift the goalpost a bit: Rafa is to blame because he is not friendly to the refs. Shift the goalpost farther: Rafa is to blame for the red card because he is not English.

By the way, why use the word 'we' when refering to yourself?

Khan said...

Anon 1.50PM

Very well argued!

Anonymous said...

Leave the manager alone la.. Its the players who are screwing us up! It is widely speculated that Gerrard and Carra don't see eye to eye with Rafa anymore. There is discontent in the dressing room. Mascha did it deliberately to get sent off. He is in no mood to play for LFC again. We the innocent fans are arguing among ourselves over the manager but a hell lot of politics are going on at Anfield.

Anonymous said...

the players have had enough of the manager. Cant blame them because players are very much restricted by what they can do, what they cant do. Besides, the negativity employed by benitez restricts their freedom. On top of that, benitez's preferential treatment of lucas and kuyt aggravates the matter. Ans it happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

the players have had enough of the manager. Cant blame them because players are very much restricted by what they can do, what they cant do. Besides, the negativity employed by benitez restricts their freedom. On top of that, benitez's preferential treatment of lucas and kuyt aggravates the matter. Ans it happens all the time.

Khan said...

Spot on. Some players should make up their minds whether the World Cup is more important or the Club.

Anonymous said...

Rafa can walk into any clubs but he refused because his reputation is at stake. Just wait until he leads our team to EPL and CL crowns. Then, all those anti-Rafa crusaders will understand what Khan trying to explain now.

Anonymous said...

Mark Hughes can be sacked although his team lost only 2 matches. Rafa lost seven times but still continues.. That's what you call Liverpool way?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.36

I guess there's no harm in dreaming. Its a form of escapism from reality.

But soon your dream will turn into nightmares.

Please help defend Mr Khan because he is in dire need of someone to fight s losing battle.

Khan said...

Anon 10.50PM

Spell out the reality to us then. All I hear from you people is 'Rafa must go, Rafa has lost the plot, fans like me are Rafalogists@Rafa Licker (this one takes the cake of course), yada yada'.

Tell us the reality in your head then and how, by sacking Rafa, our fortunes will be reversed. Until you spell it out, and show us, without reasonable doubts that it is all due to Rafa, your words are nothing, just repetitions of sarcasm and mere talk of a person with the benefits of hindsight, that's all. Meaningless.

And yes, Hughes is sacked and Rafa is not because of the Liverpool Way.

Khan said...

Man City can afford any manager to come and make changes quickly BECAUSE they have the money.

What do we have?

Anonymous said...

We have the greatest manager on the planet whose experiments will never end... What you say about the latest title we have got from Rafa, "THE WORST BUY OF THE YEAR - AQUILANI".. Another 20 million in the dump as the lass can't fit into Liverpool syle of play.. Then, blame the yanks, parry, media, referees, FIFA, and everybody for Aquilani's shortcomes but not Rafa!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.26

Good one..but as usual the pro-rafa brigade cant stomach the truth.they will blame anything under the sun but not benitez..Because Benitez is their so-called MESSIAH. The truth is these pro-rafa fans have been brainwashed by Rafa and can no longer distinguish between facts and fiction

Khan said...

And of course, as usual, we will keep on reading your 'well-argued' 'fact-based' comments and attempts to shift the goal-post and mock others when you dont have anything of substance to say. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hei common la.. what more substance you want? Ok brother it is not a debate to be won... i have argued my points clearly saying why LFC need a new manager.. but you disagree, that's fine with me.. everyone has his/her own opinions.. But just look at the results and the way Liverpool play... The whole world knows that there is a crisis in LFC except you. Rafa is not my enemy and I'm not his paymaster so I have nothing personal against him. I only care for LFC in my own way and my opinion states that he has to go and you think it is wrong. Let's wait and see how much lower he can take us. Again it is only my point of view. If you believe Rafa will turn it over so be it and don't be over emotional with others who are against Rafa by asking for substance, facts, statistics, etc. Respect what the others feel too.

Khan said...

I respect your opinion and I know there is a crisis in the club. Everyone can see that.

But I have asked you how is it that when Rafa goes everything will be fine, and you have not answered me. Who do you think should take over? And how this new manager is going to solve our problems, given all the circumstances spelled out like a nth time already.

The rot goes deeper than Rafa. Some fans only blame Rafa as if it is entirely his fault, which I beg to defer. If only it were so simple: change the manager and everything will be fine again. It is not. If it were so simple, I will take it immediately.

That's what I mean by substance, and I don't see why it is wrong to ask for that. Look at the core of the problems we are facing and not only the surface.

Sorry if you see me as emotional, but I love LFC and when people call me a Rafa Licker, I get emotional. When people say things like "people with half a brain can see Rafa is the problem" as if I am one of them, I get emotional. You get my drift here. Have you seen any of my post attacking the character when I don't have substance putting forward my argument?

Anonymous said...


See I told you that player discontent is the reason why Rafa is punished. Follow the link.

Khan said...

That rumour has been going on for some time now Anon 8.22AM. Could be true or could be just rumours.

Reminds us of how Gerrard, Owen and Murphy were handing Houllier the starting lineup in his last season.

But someone in Liverpool says he has heard nothing of that sorts and he is usually privy to these kinds of things in the club, happenings which are usually not reported in the papers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is player discontent, especially by senior ones like gerard, carra etc..

What makes matters worse is Benitez's insistence on playing lucas & kuyt almost all the time, if not all the time irrespective of their current form. Some of the better players are sidelined.

Expect more of discontentment if results dont improve.

Khan said...

You can never be sure of something like that Anon. From the horses' mouth i.e.: players like Gerrard, we hear them say they are happy with Rafa and thankful how Rafa has improved their games.

If the players themselves say there is nothing of that sort, I don't think we should say there is because the media will take this as a 'truth' (much to their likings) and print it out when there are enough 'fans' spewing it out on the internet, radio calls and tv.

Anonymous said...

New tagline..In Rafa we RUST!

Khan said...

..and as usual, when asked to justify, one would lower oneself and starts to mock...

Anonymous said...


So far you havent been able to show that Rafa is the right manager for Liverpool in the premiership. For example, how is his achievements in terms of league positions vis a vis his predecessors.

At best, your arguments look shallow at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Then if you want to blame the owners, you might as well blame David Moores, the previous owners, for Liverpool's sorry state on the pitch. For it is Moores who sold LFC to the 2 Americans.

So where does it end? The blame game goes on and on.

What happens on the pitch is the responsibility of this man called RAFA BENITEZ, he is paid a hefty salary to manage LFC.

Khan said...

It is up to you Anon to think whether it is shallow or otherwise.

Rafa's record against his predecessors is there for all to see. You can find it in earlier postings.

And yes, Moores should shoulder the bigger part of the blame for selling the family jewels to the americans. For extra 20M, he and Parry sold LFC to be raped by the businessmen. Not to say DIC would have been the angels, but mark my words, we are lucky if we survived mid-table in the EPL. If not for the credit crunch, the americans would have already sold LFC for a hefty profit but as it is, the ridiculous prize tag and debts is scaring off any form of investments. Not a single cent came out from the americans pockets and they will suck us dry until they see it is no longer profitable to keep is. After all, aren't they the 'custodians' of LFC and just look at what was done to Corinthians.

Khan said...

We are lucky Rafa is still with us and has not walked away. He will walk away, and the anti-Rafa fans will get their wish soon because I don't think Rafa will continue to be ridiculed longer. The media is one thing, but when the 'knowledgible' fans do it continuously, I am sure there would be a limit to this man's tolerance.

Have you read about how the players are blaming themselves and not Rafa for the poor form lately? Still think Rafa has lost the plot and the support of the players? If we start to NOT believe the players own words and say otherwise, then we should take a long deep look in the mirror and ask ourselves what is our agenda.

Khan said...

Read this:

Anonymous said...


Now you choose to believe the media when they report on the the players' undivided support for Benitez. Where as if there are reports to the contrary, you will be the first to crucify them!!

It seems that you choose to believe what is printed in the media at your whims and fancy. You believe the media when Rafa is potrayed as an angel while the media is cursed when they say otherwise.

Come on la..

Khan said...


Come on la...I am sure you are also good at knowing which ones of the media is trustable and which are not.

There is a difference between someone who is quoted and just plain reporting.