Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's Happening at Liverpool FC?

The summer transfer period is almost over. Rafa brought in Johnson and of course Aquilani to strengthen the team after Hyypia, Arbeloa and Alonso, among others, left us.

The question that most fans are asking is whether there will be more signings before the start of the season this weekend. Once upon a time, at the start of the summer break, we were made to understand that Rafa would have around 20M, on top of the funds garnered by the sale of players, to further strengthen the team to continue challenging the top spot next season. But what we have seen so far is there is no 20M to be spent, that's it if Rafa doesn't have a few surprises up his sleeves before the transfer window closes.

It is reported that Roma bought Alonso with the following payment structure for the €20M:

4 cash instalments of :-
- €5M upfront
- €3M by 4th January 2010
- €7M by June 30th 2010
- €5M by June 30th 2011.

The deal also includes:

- €300,000 for every year Liverpool qualify for the Champions League from 2010/11 to 2014/15
- €250,000 everytime the player reaches 35, 70, 105 and 140 appearances.
- €1M for the first time LFC either wins the Premier League or Champions League by 30 June 2014.
- 5% of any future transfer fee will be paid to Roma.

(This info was taken from comments by KeithSA at, attributed to info found at

If this were the case, then Rafa should have a lot of money for other players since he received 30M for Alonso, on top of the money he got from the sales of other players, but only so far spent 5M for Aquilani. The purchase of Johnson could be related to the funds promised him earlier by Messr. American Businessmen, which is still short of the 20M mentioned. We actually spent £10M for Johnson because of the £7M owed by Portsmouth for the acquiring of Crouch.

Fans from around the world would be satisfied if Rafa were given the full authority of the funds generated and for transfers of players as indicated when he extended his contract. In Rafa we trust. But I bet the fans would definitely be pissed off if what was promised is not delivered by the owners and the funds generated by Rafa, as we have seen year in and year out, were to be used to refinance whatever loans taken to keep them afloat.

If it were the case, some fans would wish that the owners were really floating porcupines and a strong current would wash them away out of our sight.


beemer said...

bro ..
just wanna ask you ...
any info on how much real pay us for xabi's 1st payment?
i believe they also pay us in installment right?
or we got the whole 30 mil pound?

Khan said...


So far everyone is assuming that it was paid in full just because RM had to deal with a shrewd Rafa. You could be right in saying it is in instalments though, knowing the type of deals done nowadays.

Unfortunately so far there has not been any confirmation on that. Rafa doesn't have that much money at his disposal is the best bet, especially in rewriting the players contract. Eg: Torress just signed a 120K a week contract.

JJ said...

bro, don't count the money bcos it's not there. yes, rafa was given full autonomy to 'buy' his players but he was not given the money to do so...rafa was tricked into believing he was at the richest club in the world by those damned yankees! they give rafa peanuts, they'll only get monkeys playing circus fooball! the financial situation at lfc is pathetic...when is the pak arab coming over to rescue the reds???