Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spurs 1-2 What a Nightmare to the Season Opener

For a game much anticipated, the loss to Spurs could be summed as an anti-climax. There was always the feeling of something was wrong somewhere. It felt like Liverpool has weakened by quite a bit. Players throughout displayed a team without much cohesion and looked not ready for the season opener.

We could really see what the absence of Alonso has done to the team. I guess it is pointless in mentioning Alonso now. At least Reina showed why he is considered as one of the bests in the game. Twice denying Keane at point blank range in the first half and a wonderful save from a long range attempt in the second. At those moments, it did make my heart swell in seeing what a twat Keane is, as he was at Liverpool for six months. 

But at the middle of the park, we just did not have the drive. The injuries to Skertel and Carra might have worsened the believes of the likes of Lucas and Mascha to push forward.  Both of them had come back from the pre-season injuries, hence a wee bit worrying.

And at both flanks, significantly Babel, somehow did not deliver as expected. Gerrard, starting as a forward, did not have a good game too, at least in the first half, as Torres was shackled throughout the entire 90 minutes. Benayoun, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air when he came in for Babel.

We showed a glimpse of Liverpool of last season, but somehow there was never a real conviction that we would nail this game. Attempts at goals were scarce, while possession and first touches were ordinarily for a mid-table team.

If we are to believe the rumours that is making their rounds, Rafa will bring in at least two more players. And Voronin is again linked to a return to the Bundesliga. Well, I really hope these rumours are true. We need another player to cover the back four and definitely another forward while we wait for Aquaman to be fit.


beemer said...

aquaman? or ultraman that we need bro?
frusted coz got beaten with the same team ..
n we really weak in defending from set pieces ..

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Sell Babel. hopeless to the core!

Khan said...

Better to lose now and get settled than in a crucial game, I say. Rafa would be back at the drawing board soon enough and get rid of these nightmares.

Babel got his chance, and I dont see him starting too many games this season.

JJ said...

liv deserved to lose bcoz we didn't play to the level that we were capable of. now rafa must seriously demand the bloody yankees to buy the necessary players to strengthen the current squad. otherwise start thinking of good excuses to give when epl title slips liv for umpteen of times......beating the potters is a must if we want to harbour any hope of winning epl!

gary said...

bebal! lucky we got mangkuk ayun!