Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O Keano

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have this feeling, after reading a few headlines these past few days, that Benitez is ready to leave Keane on the bench. And revert to Gerrard-Torres partnership upfront.

This, if true, would be the best news I have heard this season. "Rafael Benitez believes the understanding between Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard will be key to Liverpool's trophy hopes. The duo plundered over 50 goals between them last season as they formed a frontline that was likened to the legendary Rush-Dalglish partnership." (Official website)

We still remember how devastating to the opponents we were towards the end of last season.  We also saw glimpse of how it works between Gerrard and Torres in a few games so far this season. We could see this partnership as early as the midweek CL game, and I personally cannot wait to see it again. 

But this also means that Keane would be on the substitute bench most of the times and I think will only come on in place of either Babel or Reira, or when Torres needs to be rested. Hence, the much-anticipated 'stupendous combination' 4-4-2 with Keane and Torres upfront will not happen any time soon. But, how will Keane take it? I don't remember where I read it, but Benitez mentioned something about Keane needing to accept the fact that sitting out games in a big club like LFC is a normality. Maybe Benitez has given up hope on this bloke. Hopefully not.

I feel for Keane, coming to LFC with such a big reputation and having been so used to being regarded as the main striker but suddenly finding himself in the shadows of Torres. Maybe he was trying too hard. Maybe he lacks the confident and can't handle the pressure. Whatever it is, I hope he gets things right again soon and somehow prove his worth on the training ground and prays that Benitez gives him another chance. Probably he would get one since Benitez would have to justify his purchase and we don't really think Benitez would offload him soon. Some fans might argue that he has had his chances to prove himself and he should be contented of being a mere squad player. But we all know how important the depth in the squad is if we were to challenge for trophies.

So, good luck to Keane. I hope you would continue to be a faithful servant for LFC for years to come and may the future be a successful one.

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kajang-today said...

he lacks confidence, that's all. maybe bench warming will do him a lotta good.
he'll be successful but do not hope too much this season. he'll settled at 15 goals this season, 3 in the bag, 12 more.