Monday, June 7, 2010

Plea to all LFC Supporters: Do Your Part and Join the SOS

Our club is being sucked dry, slowly but surely, by two leeches. The amount of interest/money being paid to service the debt is enough to pay the wages of at least 5 top players. Rather than forcing a sale, the bank looks to be happily allowing the owners an extension of the loan taken as long it gets the lucrative income from the massive interest. How long until there comes a time when all our assets are stripped i.e.: players sold off and replaced by mediocre players (not to say that it has not started when the manager had to sell to buy) on top of all the income we make going towards servicing the debts and we are put into administration and relegated?

The only man, who is on the side of the fans in the whole set-up, has been removed. A man who gave the fans a hope for the future, being the most successful manager in the last 20 years and was wanted by so many big clubs which he declined for the love of LFC. A man that had 13 players in his squad good enough to be picked to play in the World Cup. He may have had his flaws but he was never a yes-man the owners were looking for.

Rafa Benitez stood in the way of the owners whose interest in the club is pure business. It is a lucrative income for the owners given the size of our club and its fanbase, and LFC doesn't need to win any trophy for it to become a cash-cow for the owners. Just being at mid-table is good enough. Check out the few 'investments' the owners had made before LFC and you will get the drift.

The whole mess created by the owners smells so terrible it makes a public toilet feel like a perfume store. All the promises made were just lies and the media has had a hand in the smear campaign against the manager and unfortunately some fans fell for it and helped in his ousting (someone actually used the word 'traitors' to refer to this set of fans). It was so bad that some fans had this idea that all will be okay after Rafa left (I am actually glad that he left seeing the crap he had to take whilst being at LFC -- he doesn't deserve all that) and we will get the likes of Hiddinks to take over. Well, where is the Hiddink now? All we have left now is a board made up of more businesspersons working for the owners and King Kenny as the feel-good factor to hoodwink the fans, yet again before a yes-man is in his place while money being channeled out to the banks and to the Caymans.

What's next? Torres being sold by the Chelsea trojan horse? Gerrard deciding to abandon ship? Benayoun forced to go look for greener pasture? Will we ever see any of the money from the sales go towards strengtening the squad? Forget about the title, will we ever qualify for the CL again?

These are the uncertainties that hang like a dark cloud over the club at the moment. As for the owners, I don't think they care. As long as fans fill up the stadium and buy the merchandise, they will be happily laughing all the way to the bank. Even if the locals decides to boycott the games and the merchandise, no problem because the seats will be filled up by tourists who will visit the store before and after the games. And it will continue as long as the owners are not forced by the banks to sell. But why would the banks do that when they themselves are getting a fair share of the whole deal, 1M a week in payable interest is good business. 

We the fans are the victims in this whole mess and we will surely witness further decline of the club we love dearly given the circumstances. Fans from all around the world should reignite what used to be the notion of us being the most knowledgeable fans and start supporting the efforts for the survival of OUR club. We should not just sit aside and watch our club crumble and, heaven forbids, becomes another Leeds or Newcastle. Just like the few efforts put up by individuals recently, for example the recent letters sent to all media stating our thoughts, there are more efforts being put into place. According to sources close to this whole mess, things are not so gloomy if everything goes according to plan. We might, at last, get rid of the two viruses. Even if it doesn't happen quickly, we can at least look back and say that we tried our best.

One step being discussed towards this is not buying any merchandise because this indirectly puts money into the pockets of the greedy leeches, so I will not be buying the jersey. The second step is to start boycotting everything that is related to the two twats. The third would be to start writing to entities related directly or indirectly to the two twats and LFC stating our thoughts and what we intend to do. 

But the most important step is to sign up as a member of SOS. It costs only £10 a year but it would be money well spent as SOS needs the numbers behind them and they have something prepared up their sleeves. Doing this is simple, just go here and do the necessary:

Hopefully the Phoenix will again rise from the ashes with the help from all of us, true to the sacred words of You'll Never Walk Alone!


Anonymous said...

Liverpool's lost is Inter's gain. Rafa is actually a genius. In fact he is better than Jose. Rafa never had the luxury to manage in a stable condition unlike Jose who had Roman, Morrati and now Perez to support. Rafa had all the satans to deal with starting from two Yanks and the Parry and then Purslow and then the Chelsea fan who is the current CEO. How much could he handle? Don't just blame him for everything. We should target the Yanks and his cronies. These are the real culprits who destroy our club. The anti-Rafa fans must come to senses. Why would a big club like Inter want Rafa if he is lousy manager. As long as the Yanks hold on to Liverpool, don't dream of any success. By saying this, don't label me as anti-Liverpool, etc. I care for this club as much as all the fans around the world do. After all, this is the only club I have been supporting since 1977. Anyway, there is one more I would like to say - Win Lose or Draw, Liverpool is the best. No one is bigger than the club. Let's do it SOS! Get rid of the Yanks. Good luck to you Rafa - I'll always have a place for you in my heart because you gave us hope! Now I'll envy Inter for taking the hope away from us. You Will Never Walk Alone!

Anonymous said...

Say what you like but Rafa is history. He's a failure at LFC in the premiership.

Rafa himself is very much part of the problem at LFC besides the 2 owners.

We are not interested in whether or not Rafa will be successful at Inter. After all, Houllier was also considered a failure at LFC. But he went on to be highly successful at Lyon.

You judge a manager by what he has accomplished at the club

Unfortunately, the pro-rafa brigade refuse to accept this.

Khan said...


Something is going on behind the scene, something for the better by the looks of it. Still, we need to do our part. Write to these sponsors and people and tell them how we feel and why we are not going to support them, for example not buying their products, because it indirectly supports the mess at LFC. Hopefully (two have shown concern apparently) they force the two twats to sell. There is also rumours that the two twats rejected 2 legitimate buyers because the 'price' asked was too low. WTF!

Sponsors…Standard Chartered

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Fax: 020 8739 2301


adidas AG
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Bank of America
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ian o’doherty is the CEO of the europe card services (the folks who do the LFC credit cards)

Lucazade (GSK)

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UK corporate switchboard:+44 (0)20 8047 5000


Cube Limited.
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