Friday, November 27, 2009

How Rafa benitez has overachieved at LFC

For those who want to take a peek into some statistics, this latest one by Paul Tomkins is one of the greatest I have come across:’t-afford-to-win-the-league/



Anonymous said...

Battles are won on the pitch, not on statistics, my friend!!!..,

You can refer to statistics until the end of time but if a team does not win games, its meaningless.

Both Houllier and Benitez are fond of quoting statistics to defend their team. You know what happened to Houllier. Benitez will also suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Since you are so fond of statistics....Kuyt has 1 assist in 18.5 hours of football!!!

Khan said...

I really do not understand what you are implying here, my friend.

I feel you did not even go and look at what the link is all about. Tell me I am wrong because if that is the case, I will just be wasting my time then.

By the way, those statistics are not from Rafa Benitez, so please get that one right before people start to accuse Rafa is giving excuses.

Those 'meaningless' statistics, as you put it, shows WHY we are not winning the premiership and why Rafa has actually overachieved. If you still need any help in explaining it, please ask so. After going through it of course.

Houllier deserved to go, but Rafa does not.

Khan said...


Nobody is denying Kuyt is 'crap' at the moment. It could be he is tired, over-played for both club and country. Maybe he needs a rest, maybe he is suffering from low-esteem, lacks confidence, etc etc. Look at his workrate whenever he plays.

Now the question: who do you feel should play in his role? Who is Rafa's disposal that you think would do a better job? Now, that will be a good debate/argument from a fellow LFC supporter.

You have watched him play in previous games since he came to LFC. Was he this 'crap' since day one? Find a better player during the January window? Who and How? Will there be any money for Rafa? If Rafa has to sell to buy someone better, who should be sold off? You think Rafa should have kept Pennant?

I think you get my drift.

gary said...

my theory, the goatee gotta to go la cikgu! haaahahhaha