Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alexander Hleb - I Like

Alexander Hleb would a step forward for us if there is any truth to the rumours circulating amongst the many so-called transfers of players. And forward is the keyword here of course.

This Belarusian player is supposedly a replacement for Mascherano, a dangling of a carrot in Barca's attempt to land Mascherano. But we know Benitez is no donkey.

Hey, maybe Benitez's approach to the games next season will be different to the ones we have witnessed in the past. Go for the kill -- win games rather than not lose games -- and the next season could well be our season.

But then again, it could well turn out to be just another rumour but I personally would be elated if it materialises. If only we had the money to keep Mascherano and get Hleb too.

Sigh.. now where is the knight in shining armour in the form of an oil sheik I wonder...

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