Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Nil Despite of...

Which player, three out of five times, passes the ball to an opponent player?

Which player, more often than not, breaks down an attack of his own team?

Which player loses the ball so easily in midfield, he looks like an Under 15 player of a Malaysian school?

A Teh Tarik at the mamak's on my expense for anyone with the correct answer.

Benayoun, coming in late in the game against Fulham, showed the passion and intent of the Liverpool side that won massively before the international break. With the woodwork denying Liverpool of at least three goals earlier in the game, it looked like it was going to be another of those nights for us. As the game approached the final whistle, the fans would not have been wrong to question of the missing 'we-must-win-this-game' attitude in our side that destroyed manure and real madrid not too long ago.

With ten minutes left in the game, suddenly all the players upped their tempo as if it was pre-planned. Not a game for the weak-hearted, when chances after chances were not taken. And when everything started to look very bleak for our premiership and next season's Champions League challenge, Benayoun steps in to score a goal in the dying minutes that could very well define our whole season. Not for the first time this season too. For a player who was supposedly injured coming back from international duty, he deserves an extension to his contract and a pay rise immediately after that display.

Apparently that last minute goal was our eighth time this season. An exciting match to watch definitely, but I prefer for us to score a couple of goals early in the game and build on that as the game progresses.

With this win that put us two points clear at the top, Liverpool can now go on to play Chelsea in the CL with a better frame of mind. And with Rafa's contract impasse out of the window, and the likes of Gerrard and Kuyt having agreed to their contract extension, we are more stable than ever before. All points to a good finish to the season.

Man of the match: Benayoun, of course.

Accolades to all the players, except for the one whose name is not mentioned above. He only deserves half of the praises in my books.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why that bloody f#@*&^% was in the line up. Possiblities are he has an undisclosed affair with Rafa.. or may be rafa knows his mother privately.. what the heck.. I don't understand the logic la.. Anyway you owe a a teh tarik 'kurang manis' when we meet ok.

utusanLFC said...

errr.... Dossena too. Eventhough lately he has shown the better side of his game. aaaa... jual sajalah

Khan said...

Sell! Sell! While the price is right haha!

teh tarik anytime man!

kajang-today said...

teh tarik?
aiyooo brp kali nak meet up, sume x jd? mamak mana daaaa?
Jo, (in case u r reading this)what happened to bangkok trip?