Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Chance for Top Spot

So, Chelsea lost to Arsenal. Good news for everyone except Chelsea fans I suppose. With this result, Liverpool has a good chance to go to the top of the table if they win tomorrow. And yes, there will be a live telecast at 4am for malaysian viewers after all.

I normally do not watch other games, but this time around decided to watch the Chelsea vs Arsenal match. Not completely though, but in between the Stuttgart vs Schalke match in the Bundesliga. This was right after manure beat mancity with a solitary goal which I caught a bit here and there but was watching when the goal was scored.

After a few minutes in the second half at Stamford Bridge, I switched channels for the Bundesliga game.  And yes, unfortunately I missed both Arsenal goals. No big loss there. But what I really wanted to mention of this particular game, which I do not normally watch, is how both teams were playing so badly. Watching this game has made me believe how superior Liverpool really is. And I do also believe that this would be our year. Happy watching the tuesday morning match and You'll Never Walk Alone!


utusanLFC said...

How come I missed your blog altogether??? I do remember that I was the one who pushed you to create one but I don't remember that you ever invite me to your blog officially. aiyaaa... hahahaha

Put some photos la. Though crimson corpus sounds more like a crime story title. herbes corpus... corpse... too fancy a name sometimes can be alien. hahaha... pick a silly name like kajang-today. hahaha

Khan said...

Haha! spur of the moment thingy la hehe

rizal hashim said...

alah utusanlfc,

you don't have to be invited officially maah, unless you are rafa benitez's right hand man.